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Welcome to the Louisiana Brahman Association
Louisiana Brahman Association (LBA) is one of the oldest state affiliates of the American Brahman Breeders Association.  LBA members are a group of cattle breeders dedicated to the promotion of the Brahman breed.  The bayou state of Louisiana has a long and rich Brahman history.  A state known for an environment of tropical heat, humidity and insect infestations, Brahman genetics have been a necessity for the survival of a profitable cattle industry.

These genetics were brought to Louisiana in 1854 with the Barrow importation of cattle from India. Richard Barrow of St. Francisville, Louisiana received two bulls from the Government of Great Britain, for his services in teaching cotton and sugar cane production to British officials.  The “Barrow Grade” cattle soon populated much of the flatlands of the Gulf Coastal Plain from Mississippi to south Texas.

Our association is open to any cattle producer in the state of Louisiana who is interested in American Grey or Red Brahman Cattle.  LBA also has a junior association for young people who are interested in promoting the American Brahman breed. 

join our organization, in the bayou state of Louisiana, and get involved with the first beef breed developed in the United States, American Brahman. 
Recent News from Louisiana Brahman Association
2017 LJBA STate Summer Show • June 1-7 • Amite, la • Details Available on our Junior Page.
2017 Sugar Classic • september 2-3 • new iberia, la More Details Coming Soon.
LJBA Juniors excel at All American and state show
The LJBA recently hosted their very successful summer state show. Congratulations to all of the junior members who participated in this event and good luck at the "All American"
Home Juniors Officers and Directors Membership Jambalaya Classic Sugar Classic
Louisiana Brahman Association
President: Colleen Callender • 337-852-5314 • frbrahmans@yahoo.com
Vice President: Luke Fontenot• 225-654-6123 • lukefont@aol.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Jenny Esthay • 337-523-1517 • e2ccattle@yahoo.com
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